The First Blog

This is the first blog entry for this site. Still playing around with the site design and what not.

Anytime a project like this is started, it can be exciting but it’s hard not to wonder if there will be fruits to be had from the labor. Will this blog even get any views? Will there be others out there, anyone, who will actually read the words written on this page?

Maybe. Maybe not.

We shouldn’t not give it a try in fear of failing. By not even trying, we begin with a failure. There is only one way to find out the results. Try.

Many things make up a good blog with one of the biggest one being value. Without some type of value, the words written should probably not even exist. Another big one is exposure. Great quality can turn into something meaningless if no one is there to appreciate it.

What This Blog is About

There is a central theme, inspiration, but in terms of topics, there will be many. Just anything I find interesting really. Don’t worry, there will be no talks of weird sex toys or anything like that. If you find something interesting, stay a while and read a little, if not, carry on, no worries.

Something you should know is my writing can be sporadic, my grammar may not always be correct, and my formatting may be jumpy.





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Finding Inspiration

Inspiration, it’s everywhere. In today’s world where social media has exploded, connecting and sharing things with others has never been easier.

Someone finds a great inspirational video, they share it to their social media account, their friends/follows see the video, like it, and share it to their friends/followers. The sharing of the video begins and spreads like wild fire.

The good news for us is that it makes finding good, inspiring content pretty easy. If you don’t like all that social stuff, that’s okay because with a quick search, you can find tons of things to inspire you.

Since I’m on the subject of inspiration, the most widespread type of inspiration is quotes. They’re EVERYWHERE. Whether you’re on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram, there’s always someone sharing those picture quotes. With a quick search on Bing, I found this page full of motivational quotes and pictures. Good quotes are quick to read and easy to share which is probably why they spread on every platform.

Here’s a good one I found from Disney’s website from the movie, Mulan.

inspiring quote from Mulan

The second most widespread type of inspiration are videos. People love to watch videos that inspire them because there’s not much work involved. All you do is press play and presto. With music and an inspiring messages, motivational videos can be extremely powerful. There thousands upon thousands of them on Youtube alone. There are also lots of speeches like the ones from TED that are great as well.

Then there are stories in article form. These are shared a lot as well but not as much as quotes and videos. I think it’s mainly due to the fact that it takes more time and energy. Quotes are short and fast to read but stories or articles can sometimes be a bit long. I think young people of today tend to have shorter attention spans compared to their parents.

Regardless of your favorite type of inspiration source, if you’ve ever found something to be inspirational, share it with someone. You never know who’s day you could be making better.

The best way to inspire others, in my opinion, is to be an inspiring person. Be the person who displays perseverance in the face of setbacks. Be the person who encourages others. Be the person who goes for their dreams. Be the person who gets things done. Inspire others by making your life an inspiring story.

You don’t have to go through struggles, you just have to try. So many people have given up on their dreams that just by going for yours, you will inspire someone to go for theirs.

The best way to inspire yourself is to do things that you could be proud of, things that make you want to accomplish even more, to live more, to make the best of the time you have left. As corny as it sounds, YOLO, You Only Live Once. Leave a positive mark because you never know, someone, some time in the future will be inspired to do more with their life because of something you did today.

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