The First Blog

This is the first blog entry for this site. Still playing around with the site design and what not.

Anytime a project like this is started, it can be exciting but it’s hard not to wonder if there will be fruits to be had from the labor. Will this blog even get any views? Will there be others out there, anyone, who will actually read the words written on this page?

Maybe. Maybe not.

We shouldn’t not give it a try in fear of failing. By not even trying, we begin with a failure. There is only one way to find out the results. Try.

Many things make up a good blog with one of the biggest one being value. Without some type of value, the words written should probably not even exist. Another big one is exposure. Great quality can turn into something meaningless if no one is there to appreciate it.

What This Blog is About

There is a central theme, inspiration, but in terms of topics, there will be many. Just anything I find interesting really. Don’t worry, there will be no talks of weird sex toys or anything like that. If you find something interesting, stay a while and read a little, if not, carry on, no worries.

Something you should know is my writing can be sporadic, my grammar may not always be correct, and my formatting may be jumpy.





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